Project top. Project virality rating

For an example of how the ViralMarketingBomb service can be used, we publish a TOP of projects that have given their consent. The rating is generated automatically every hour. The projects are in order of descending effectiveness. The design and nature of the project doesn't matter. If the project is in the TOP, visitors talk about it more readily.

Position Project name Virality Traffic
1 Competition 2 2999 % x 30.99

Virality = (Unique visitors brought by the service) / (Unique visitors brought by advertising) x 100%


If virality = 0 then the service hasn't brought any new visitors.

If virality = 100% then service brought as many visitors as the advertising, having DOUBLED the initial traffic.

If virality = 200% then the service resulted in 2 times more visitors than advertising, having TRIPLED the initial traffic.

Unique visitors brought by the service are the users with unique IP, browser, cookies (and other parameters), who came by clicking on a special affiliate link, generated by the script.

Unique visitors brought by advertising - ALL visits to the website EXCEPT the ones brought by the service's affiliate link. Therefore, apart from advertising traffic this category also includes visits by the service's organizers and people who have randomly found out about the page. This assumption makes our assessment of viral capability stricter. The real viral capability and efficiency of the projects is HIGHER than the one we can easily measure.

That is why over time the project's viral capability gradually reduces. The new users that come from word of mouth, not the affiliate links, are credited to advertising, though in reality it's a viral effect.