How does the "viral" marketing work?

On this page you will be shown a "viral" marketing technique you can use in your business to grow traffic 2-5 times.

This "selling" page clearly shows how the service ViralMarketingBomb service works. If you learn to use it, you will be able to increase the number of your website's visitors several times.

I call my clients, who only manage to increase traffic 2-3 times the underachievers and ask them to improve their selling page.

My best "student" Marat Khisamov has managed to increase his traffic 50 times using my service. With the help of an ad he brought 200 people to his selling page, and as a result of viral effect it was visited by 10,000 people, 1,000 of which left their contact details.

How does the viral attraction algorithm work?

The algorithm is based on a simple concept: "if you want a "reward", bring your friends to this page." This is a mutually beneficial exchange. You give visitors freebies, discounts, coupons, access, gifts, contests and more, they give you new visitors.

The ViralMarketingBomb service acts as a referee, allowing to control and automate the "transaction." The service counts clicks, cuts away attempts to drive up the numbers, collects e-mails and gives participants the "rewards"

How will the ViralMarketingBomb service work on your site?


  • Create a page on your website that you will be promoting.
  • Describe the "reward" that a person receives for inviting X friends.
  • Paste some html-code of the ViralMarketingBomb service. Right where you place it a form for entering e-mail address and name will be displayed
  • Invite the first visitors to the page

A typical visitor:

  • Step 0: went to the website, read the offer, got interested
  • Step 1: entered his email and name into the form
  • Step 2: confirmed his email and received a unique link for sending to friends
  • Step 3: sent the link to friends
  • Step 4: received the reward after an X amount of people have clicked on the link.

Friends who click on the link repeat the actions of a typical user. As a result, the link to your site spreads like an avalanche.

Who am I to create such services?

My name is Anton Yelnitskiy and I'm the head of the Internet Sales consulting company, a developer of algorithms and services that boost online sales.

  • Have been working with online sales for over 7 years
  • More than 800 completed projects
  • More than 100 advertising campaigns
  • More than 100 workshops on Internet sales
  • Winner of two "Brand of the Year" awards
  • Two Saas-services for increasing online sales.

Some of my clients: Russkiy Standart Bank, Warner Brothers film company, Utkopnos hypermarket and hundreds of other less famous but not less loved clients.

The number of the awards I've received over the years will hardly fit on this page. Many people seriously think I'm the leading expert in the field of Internet sales in Russia.

To get a two week free trial on ViralMarketingBomb, fulfill the following three steps:

  • 1 step
    Step 1 - Fill in the form below with your name and email address, to which you want us to send the seminar. Click "Go to Step 2."
    Attention! If you're reading this, then some program on your computer blocks the execution of java script. As a result, the form for collecting contact information may not work properly. Try disabling your anti-virus, firewall or an adblock (e.g. an adblock plugin in Firefox).
  • 2 step
    You will receive an email with a link you must click on to activate your account. Without this we will not be able to send a coupon for free service testing. If you didn't receive the letter, check the "Spam" folder.
  • 3 step
    You will receive a unique link right after you enter your name and email. Post it to social networks, or send to friends who are interested in Internet sales.
  • Result
    Once your unique link brings 7 different people, you will receive free two-week access to the ViralMarketingBomb service to the email you specified at registration.

IMPORTANT! After receiving the unique link you will have exactly 7 days to bring seven friends. If you do not manage on time, the link and your participation will be canceled. You will not get the coupon. An experiment is an experiment :-)