FAQ. Frquently asked questions about script viral marketing bomb

General questions

What is ViralMarketingBomb?

This service multiplies your website's traffic.

This is achieved by the fact that users invite their friends, and friends invite their friends and so on. Links to your website are snowballing up to the moment the entire target audience gets covered.

For example, you brought 100 people to the website using advertising, but thanks to the viral distribution of the links the website was visited by 4,000 people.

This is why our service is called ViralMarketingBomb. You light the fuse by bringing the first couple of visitors to the promotion page, the script does the rest.

How is ViralMarketingBomb different from the free X service?

The paid ViralMarketingBomb service is fundamentally different from free X service. Neither of them is better nor worse. These are two essentially different services that solve different strategic objectives, and produce different results.

We deliberately don't dwell on tactical differences, so as not to distract the customers' attention from a strategic difference. You can see the difference only if you check the documentation of both websites until you fully understand it or try both services in practice.

If you are already using a free service and you are completely satisfied with it, keep using it, chances are you are not our client.

Just as in life, there is free health care and it has its target audience. There is super expensive HI-END health care and it also is in demand. Free health care customers do not want to use the expensive one, while the expensive health care customers for some reason do not want to use free clinics. This is normal.

Our service is aimed at the commercial segment, our clients are mostly online businesses that already have money.

How does ViralMarketingBomb create a viral effect?

The scheme of the service's work is simple:

You offer a certain "reward" for your target audience on the selling page. The visitors can receive it if they fulfill one condition - invite X friends to the selling page.

A visitor enters his name, e-mail and gets a unique link to send to his friends.

After the unique link brigs X friends, he gets access to the promised "reward."

Each of the invited friends sees the same offer on the page – a "reward" in exchange for X invited friends. To get the reward, friends invite friends. This is how the audience starts snowballing, and you get thousands of free visitors and their e-mail addresses.

How targeted will the traffic be?

Visitors attracted by the viral effect behave according to the laws of psychology. No one wants to look inappropriate in their friends' eyes, so the visitors will only send the link to those friends who understand and are potentially interested in the topic. As a result, the audience attracted to your website is highly targeted and interested.

The exception to this rule is possible when the theme of your site is very specialized, and the visitor is unable to find enough friends interested in it. In this case, he will send a part of the links to those not interested, requesting just to click . For very specialized topics, we recommend stipulating a minimum of friends the user has to invite to get access to the reward.

Can I use the script to promote an online store?

ViralMarketingBomb script can be used to promote an online store. To make the promotion successful we recommend adding a voucher code into the hidden text (for a discount, store credit, free service or a gift).

Will the script fit for my type of business?

The script is unlikely to be successful if your target audience is professional programmers. In other cases, the script will be suitable for any business that can offer something valuable and interesting to its audience.

Here are some examples of typical situations, where our script can be applied:

Want to get a free record of a seminar? Send the link to this page to 5 of your friends.

Want to get a 20% discount on a microwave? Send the link to this page to 10 of your friends.

Want to get a free one hour consultation? Send this link to 5 of your friends.

Want to participate in a training session for free? Invite 10 friends to this page.

Want a coupon for 1000 rubles for purchasing any item in this store, send this link to 5 friends.

Want to use this program for free for 3 months? Send this to 5 of your friends.

If you can't come up with how your business can take advantage of the script, but feel that it is necessary, contact us and we'll work out a way to implement the script in your business.

I want to buy a script, but I do not know how to use it in my business. Can you consult me on this?

Send us details about your business at support@viralmarketingbomb.com and we will do our best to help you.

Where can I see how the script works?

The sellting page on which the script is working has already shown 6,100% virality.

After the official publication of this link to inform users, the virality dropped to 2,500%, even though by changing the parameters of the link that was sent we could have easily increased the script's virality.

You can also see the script in action on the demo page.

Registration on our website also uses the capabilities of the script. After registering, you can get 2 weeks free accaunt for testing script. If you share our link with your friends that might be interested.

2. Technical questions

Will the script on my website?

The script can be implemented on any website and executed even on bare html. The mandatory requirement of its work - the user's javascript and cookies must be enabled. According to statistics, almost 98% of the users have cookies and javascript enabled.

The following requirements to your website or web page will ensure the viralmarketingbomb script works correctly:

1) Only one our form for collecting contact information on the page. The installation of two or more of our forms on the same page will lead to incorrect results.

2) Valid (correct) coding of your html page. Bad coding can lead to malfunction.

3) No java script errors on the page.

4) One jQuery library on the page. Yours or ours. Extra libraries can be simply removed.

Pages that do not match these requirements may result in incorrect script work or block the script up until their deficiencies are eliminated. Our technical support can tell you what the problem is and what you need to correct. The correction of errors on your page is entirely your responsibility.

If you do not know html, you can always ask a freelance programmer to paste the code on the page for you or fix the errors that were on the page before the script was inserted. Such a service can cost anywhere from $5.

My users speak Russian. Is there an Russian version of the script?

Yes there is.

To work with Russian and English-language accounts you will only need to register once. After that you can select the message language for each project in your account.

After I make a payment in what form do I get the script?

After payment you will get access to the administration section, where the original script setup for your projects is made and reports are generated. There you will get a java script code for placing it on your page. Different code for each project. The number of projects can be unlimited.

This method eliminates the possibility of flaws to hack your site, as all executable code is located on our servers.

Can I install the script by myself or do I need to involve a programmer?

The script can be easily installed if you know the basics of html. You will need to place the javascript code in the place where you want your form for collecting contact information to be.

My website's address is example.com, will it be beneficial for me to use your script on it?

Everyone understands benefit in their own way. If you've read the text up to this paragraph, you probably already understand the benefits this script can bring you. Besides, you can always test the script for free to its benefits for yourself. To do this, register on our web site and send the link to five users who are interested in the script.

Do users get the "reward" for clicks or registrations?

User's access to the reward opens for X virus clicks or X registrations. The X value and the type of attracting customers is set by you.

Please note that in order to get the reward for registrations, users can try to force their friends to enter their email addresses, even though they are not interested in the offer. They can also try to drive up the registration numbers. As a result, you will have a lot of invalid email addresses.

Will I have free access to the list of registered users?

You will. The number of registered users will be less or equal to the number of clicks (not all users leave their contacts). In the admin Report menu, you can download data in xls format. Advanced users can order a script tor the collection of contact information with automatic integration into the database on their website or any other mailing services.

Will I have free access to the list of users that visited the website?

No, you'll only see their number. You can also get a list of users who enter their contacts, as for other users, it is not clear as to what kind of data you want. If you have any suggestions about this, contact us at support@viralmarketingbomb.com.

How is the viral effect calculated?

The viral effect can be calculated as follows:

100% * (I2-I1)/I1,

where I1 - number of invited users;

I2 - Number of users invited BY our technology.

How many projects can I add to the script?

As many as you want. The system has another limitation: the number of viral clicks. You cannot redistribute them on projects, for example, project 1 - 1000 virus clicks, project 2 - 4000 viral clicks.

The number of viral clicks is common for all projects.

What could be the negative effects/consequences of using the script?

1. Duplication of the page's addresses in the eyes of the search engine: Each user gets a unique link address. If he posts this link on the website(s), then the search engines will see 2 pages with the same content. Because of this the site's rankings can drop. To preserve your rankings you need to include the following line in the robots.txt file:

Disallow: /dir/url.php?vmbhash
Disallow: /url.php?vmbhash
Disallow: /url/*vmbhash
Disallow: /*vmbhash

where vmbhash is a part of the address, closed from indexing. The url piece, added by the script contains line vmbhash.

2. In the case of a large number of concurrent viral clicks the load on your host/server increases sharply. Your site may be temporarily unavailable. To reduce the load we recommend developing the viral page as a separate static html document without accessing the database. Or opt for a more advanced account with your hosting provider.

3. Functions performed by the script

What might be the positive effects/consequences of using the script?

Increase in the number of page visitors.

Increase or rankings in various website ratings like alexa.com etc.

Increase of the subscription base.

Additional automation of collecting email addresses.

Which tasks can the script handle?

The script will suit you if you are distributing any digital products (videos, mp3, books, software, program keys), coupons (discount codes, store credit, free services or gifts) on your website. You can also use this script to manage your subscription to webinars.

The same script performs automated collection of contacts. You will be able to receive contacts in xls format in the admin are on the Reports page. Advanced users can collect all contacts and contacts that invited the required number of users directly to the database on their website in real time.

What tasks the script will not handle?

The script does not know how to brew coffee, turn on and turn off the lights, pay electricity bills ... Through your interesting content or coupons the script motivates users to invite friends. In return, they receive the reward you offer.

Can I attract free users with your script?

If you have a value ("reward"), and you are sure that it will interest a large number of users, you will succeed.

What does the viral effect depend on?

The viral effect depends on the number of invited I1 users that you invited and the number of I2 users invited by the users.

The viral effect can be calculated as follows: 100%*(I2-I1)/I1

The viral effect can be regulated by changing the number of invitee to get hidden data. And the value that will cause users to invite other users.

The ultimate virality depends on the value you are offering.

What guarantees do you give?

Guarantees are only given banks, and then sometime forgot about. We are creating a viral effect for your site.

There is not one service that covers 100% of the work of anything. Everything sometimes breaks or fails. We, in turn, perform the support of this script. And all your money will be spent to create the viral effect. None of the clicks will go unnoticed.

What are the testimonials/evidence that the script works?

Marketing page, on which the script has already shown a 6,100% virality: http://infobusiness.name/download/webinar1.php

You are free to test the script. To do this, register and invite 5 people who might be interested in the script.

Where do people come from and can't it be just one million people beyond my target audience?

You attract the initial number of users in any known way: mailing, Adsense, teasers, etc. The attracted users to invite people to the page through their websites, messengers, facebook, creating a viral effect. Only the target audience will leave their contacts, all the others will pass by. And your goal is to collect contacts information of the target audience.

Why do I buy clicks, not the script?

Our team keeps track of the trends and continually refines and improves the script. You can communicate your wishes to improve the script.

The script poses considerable load on the server. We spare you from this.

We constantly monitor the script's work with mailing services. As a result, the messages will reach the end user.

Thanks to this technology, the script can be implemented even on a website based on pure static html.

With system is used to collect e-mails?

The system was fully developed by us. The email addresses can further transmitted to the mailing systems.

Is the service able to automatically add email addresses to mailing services?

At the moment the service is integrated with mailChimp and flexible integration. In the foreseeable future, in case of requests from users, we will connect it to other mailing services.

For all other mailing services you can always order a script from a freelancer programmer. Our service transmits to your website the user name, user surname, phone and email. Further, with the help of your scripts it is possible to subscribe users to any services. The sample TOR with a description of the transmitting technology for the freelancer is here.

4. Payment questions

How can I pay for the script?

You can pay with VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

What am I paying for?

Technically, you are paying for the automated creation of a viral effect: sharing links to your resource in exchange for obtaining hidden data. Also the price includes technical support and consulting on how to work with the system.

In fact, you are paying for the users, others invite with their links. In addition, the cost an invitation starts at 3 cents.

How to buy the script (viral clicks)?

You need to register on our website, choose one of our price plans and pay for the appropriate amount of clicks. After that you will be able to configure your campaigns and start working.

I tried the script. I was not satisfied with **something**, how do I get my money back?

You have the possibility of a 2-week free trial of the program in full functionality mode. If you paid for an account, you found our service satisfactory. No refunds will be made.