Viral promotion

Would you like your project to promote on its own? Would you like your visitors to "promote" it themselves by sharing links to your website?

Our service is designed to turn your desires into reality.

We have already brought

people to the websites.

What is Viral Marketing Bomb?

This service multiplies your website's traffic.

This is achieved by the fact that users invite their friends, and friends invite their friends and so on. Links to your website are snowballing up to the moment the entire target audience gets covered.

This is why our service is called — ViralMarketingBomb You light the fuse by bringing the first couple of visitors to the promotion page, the script does the rest.

What our customers say?

  • Review by Marat Khisamov
  • ViralMarketingBomb review by Parabellum and Mrochkovskiy
  • Sergei Marinkin - How I saved 10 years of my life?

Results that we are proud of!

  • Industry Information
    Customers Andrey Parabellum
    and Nikolay Mrochkovskiy
    Result Got in the Guinness Book of Records
    Author's activity Held a series of webinars
    Script's activity Tens of thousands of new subscribers
  • Industry Health
    Customers Marat Khisamov
    Result 5000% increase in visitors
    Author's activity Invited 200 guests
    Script's activity +10 000 new visitors
  • Industry Sushi delivery service
    Customers website
    Result 551% increase in the number of new customers
    Author's activity Providing discounts on sushi
    Script's activity Increased the number of promotion participants 6.51 times
  • Industry Music
    Customers Sergei Marinkin
    Result 529% increase in the subscriber base
    Author's activity Giving out free information product
    Script's activity 6.29-fold increase in the conversion of the product distribution